The Four Treasures of Erinn are four items that appeared with the Matron goddess. Each and every one of the four treasures belonged to the god. The four treasures are the center behind most of the many legends like the story of King Arthur; it is even noted by Joe that the origin of the four suits of a playing card deck may come from the four treasures . All four of the treasures have been revealed.


Brionac, also known as Lugh's Divine Spear, The God of Light and The Radiance of Life, among others. Brionac has the ability to amplify the life energy of whatever it touches (saves for inorganic objects, which have no life energy). However, a prolonged exposure to the Brionac's power may result in the overloading of the life energy, resulting in death or to a lesser extent, burn marks usually its in the shape of a hand pring due to the use of the hands, but it can also burn if any one touches any part of the users body. It is shown by Patchman that Brionac also has the ability to revive the dead. Brionac's ability is divided into three main categories; Striking, Firing, and Grabbing. Through an unknown mean, Patchman divided the Brionac's seed; a white-colored one which is owned by Arago and a black-colored one which is owned by Patchman. Arago obtained both fragments after defeating Patchman.

Lia Fáil

Lia Fáil, also known as the Castle City of Falias's Coronation Stone. There are two Lia Fáils; a fake one in Scotland and a real one in London. The real Lia Fáil is actually a deep crimson three metres cubic stone, with patterns all over its sides. In the 1972, the Lia Fáil was stolen by a goblin called My Fair Lady. She hid the stone in London Bridge as one of the material to build the bridge, where she continuously watched over it. The location of the Lia Fáil was hinted in the nursery rhyme 'My Fair Lady' which originated from the goblin who hid it. The Lia Fáil's true ability is an internal room called the 'Natural Selection Room', in which battles took place to determine the winner. The winner will be able to get out of the Lia Fáil, while the loser will have an unawakable dream; however, anyone can enter the room and awaken the loser, effectively switching place with them (shown by Seth who saved Arago from the Lia Fáil). It was in the hands of Patchman, until being defeated by Arago.

Claiomh Solais

Claiomh Solais, also known as The Demonic Blade, first wielded by The Silver Armed King Nuada, in the legends of Danann. An invincible sword which has the ability to cut down its target without fail once it was drawn from its scabbard. It is mentioned by Seth that the Claiomh Solais strength is comparable to Brionac's. It has been passed down through the Macdonell family for generations and is considered to be the most important item in their care. The blade's appearance is that of a broken sword (whether this is its original appearance or otherwise is debatable). The sword's strength actually originated from the seed located inbetween the sword's base and its hilt. The seeds power has shown the ability to make limbs and a sword possibly bigger than a skyscraper out of energy. The sword's seed was in the possession of Oz who managed to obtain it after a fierce fight with The Red Horseman, Scarlet, only to be used by him to kill her in a revenge match. The seed however, through an unknown mean, was deposited from Oz's body afterwards. Later Claiomh Solais is put in Ewan's body to keep him alive, however he is then taken over by Patchman. Arago then kills Ewan/Patchman and obtains Claiomh Solais.

Dagda's Cauldron

Dagda's Cauldron, also known as The Patron God. Not much is known about it but it can release the spirits of hell, known as Gogmagog (literally meaning The Enemies of The Earth) from within. It is in the possesion of Patchman, who unleashed the Gogmagog force in order to 'rebuild' the world.