The ghost carriage


The Ghost Carriage is an old tale passed down through the generations in England. A shinigami who controls a chariot which carries the dead, in order to increase the number of the people in the world of the dead, he takes the form of a person and searches for depressed people. Many variations of the story have emerged in modern times such as the ghost taxior the ghost bus. The carriage is said to have a set course, that it follows.


The ghost carriage appeared in the streets of London when Rio showed up in the city. It had the form of a bus. Full of passengers though it may seem,but when the door opens the driver will say "there is room for one more". Only when the door closes and the bus begins its way to its destination can the victim actually see the true form of the passengers and the driver. The ghost bus appeared and killed 3 times before Arago got in it. Each time the only victims were the driver, who was possessed by the shinigami and the one passenger who had no idea what awaits him in the bus. While confronting the ghost bus, Arago realised that it has been travelling along streets of London from 19th century. After leading the bus towards the Thames river Arago draws the shinigami out of the bus thus defeating it there. Little did he know that the shinigami driving the carriage was still alive. He posseses a guy in the elevator to continue his job. Then once again a seemingly full elevator waits for its next victim which is Rio. The elevator's destination now seems to be the crematorium under the hospital in which Arago was hospitalised after the incident on the bridge. As the elevator falls Arago uses his powers to stop it but the ground beneath him collapses. The carriage brought the deceased people in the crematorium and with this it completed its job.