Black brionac

Arago and Patchman clash: Black Brionac is revealed!

Seed are the name of all special powers in the ARAGO manga. They are derrived from Celtic mythology.



  1. Other name: Radiance of Life
  2. Users: Arago Hunt, Patchman
  3. Abilities:
  • It increases the vitality or 'life' of whatever it comes into contact with, causing rapid regeneration or recovery. However, much like a plant's roots can be killed from overfertalization, something that takes too much 'life' will also become damaged.
  • Patchman reveals he can revive the dead with it.
  • Seth Stringer divides Brionac's abilities into 3 categories with Firing (shooting powerful rainbow colored beams of life energy), Striking (using 'life' energy to increase one's own stamina and strength), and Grabbing (making direct contact with the target and overloading them with 'life' to destroy them).
  1. Trivia:
  • It is currently divided into two seeds, with one inhabiting Arago, and the other in Patchman. Arago's is observed to be rainbow colored, while Patchman's is black.

Sluagh GhairmEdit

  1. Other name: Gaelic Translation- War Cry
  2. Users: Seth Stringer , Arago Hunt
  3. Abilities:
  • With it, Seth can control the wind at an incredibly precise and complex level. He is able to create tornadoes, shape wind, control the density of the air around him, and also fly with it. It is suited for long ranged combat.
  • Anam Ghairm (Spirits Cry): A huge blast of wind and air that can tear apart a truck and leave a crater in the ground.
  • Gaoth (Wind): Horns of wind which can be aimed and projected to the target. It slices like a sword and flies incredibly quickly.
  • Caislean (Castle): The wind becomes a shield, deflecting attacks aimed towards Seth.


  1. Other name: N/A
  2. Users: Lucian Gardner aka Pale Horseman , Patchman
  3. Abilities: A beast like creature that follows his every comand, it can also fuse with his slicer ability and become an electrical beast.


  1. Other name: N/A
  2. Users: Dr. Simon Cloteaux aka Black Horseman , Patchman
  3. Abilities: With it, Simon can fuse any inorganic object witth any organic object together and create golems with it.

Invincible Bow

  1. Other name: N/A
  2. Users: Hugh Weissman aka White Horseman , Patchman
  3. Abilities: It can accelerate objects and turn them into projectiles.

Red horseman seed

  1. Other name: N/A
  2. Users: Scarlett Rabi aka Red Horseman , Patchman
  3. Abilities: Super strength, fire and heat manipulation.

Claiomh Solais

  1. Other name: The Demonic Blade
  2. Users: Ewan Hunt /Patchman , Arago Hunt
  3. Abilities: Can create an arm, possibly other limbs, out of energy, can create blades for ranged attacks and swords the size of Skyscapers.


According to what Seth is saying the Erin Treasures were predated for many years. And specially the owners of that powers in ancient times were deemed as Gods. judging from the interior of lia fei, they have existed for millions of years with it showing having a t-rex in side