Patchman 2

Patchman is the main antagonist of the series. He possesses the power Brionac and is the one responsible for Arago's parents' death and, subsequently, his brother Ewan's as well. After Patchman's death, Arago gained his power for unknown reasons. It is later revealed that Patchman had been revived.


Patchman is a tall man with a body made almost entirely of different human parts. Not much of his face can be seen as he wears his robe all the time. However, frequently shown are his eyes and mouth, with characteristic stitches along their edges. He appears to be wrapped in bandages all over his body, possibly due to the many changes of 'inferior parts' he has done to his own body in order to sustain Brionac's power. His name comes from the fact that he 'patched' himself up using various body parts


Little is known about Patchman's past. 13 years prior to the series, there were stories about a mysterious serial killer on the loose; which earns him the title 'this era's Jack the Ripper'. He killed his victims at random and left no clues behind. The only things his victims had in common was that their necks had burn marks in the shape of a hand as well as amputated limbs. The first policemen that investigated the case 13 years ago was Joe Sullivan and his partner at that time, Rupert. Patchman was in dire need to search for a vessel that is capable of withstanding Brionac's enormous power, hence his victims were usually young. Arago's father, Doug Hunt, as well as his mother were killed by Patchman. In order to keep Arago (the only person who can withstand Brionac's power) alive until adulthood, Patchman spares both Arago and Ewan's life. At the beginning of the series, after the incident where he met (and presumably killed by) Arago, he lost 70% of his flesh as Arago turned the White Brionac against him, and so Patchman withdrew for quite some time, resurrected Ewan in the process in order to directly bring the other half of the Brionac to him.


Currently, Patchman is in possession of the Black Brionac, the second half of Arago's White Brionac. Patchman reveals in Chapter 22 that he splits Brionac in two in order to heal Arago at the start of the series so that he could take Arago's body as a vessel to contain Brionac in its entirety. However, Arago managed to turn the White Brionac against Patchman, temporarily defeating him. Little is known about the Black Brionac, except that it has the same or itsimilar abilities to White Brionac, and Patchman wields it far more proefficiently than Arago does, able to use its full power whenever he likes; as opposed to Arago, who can only use its full potential when he is emotionally imbalanced. Later on after the defeat of the Four Horsemen he gains all of there abilities.

Black brionac

Arago and Patchman clash: Black Brionac is revealed!