Joe Sullivan is the skirt-chasing assistant inspector from the detective department and one of the main characters in the ARAGO series. It seems that Joe has a high opinion about Arago, and as a result recommended him to join the CID. However, he always disappeared into his secret investigation room in the Grey Museum. It is later revealed that Coco is in fact Joe's adopted daughter. (SPOILERS) In Chapter 83 he sacrifces his life to save Arago when his brother Ewan (Patchman) tries to kill Arago.


Joe is a short man with graying blond hair. He is an older and more experienced member of the CID. Because of this, he is respected by the police force and he has exploited it on many occasions in cases.

He is shown to be a pervert, and is constantly slapping woman police officer's butts, to the horror of Arago and to the delight of the women.

Former AbilitiesEdit

Joe didn't have a seed, however he used magical items he was given from the Leprechaun. Before getting magical items from the Leprechaun, he showed much knowledge of occult symbols and rituals. He also is shown to be an educated and intelligent man, and is able to create and process strategic moves. He is shown to change his strategy mid-battle if something unexpected happens, and is able to emerge victoriously.

Salve Edit

The salve was made on the night of the new moon, from the oil of 1000 boiled down four-leaf clovers, by coating his glasses with this salve Joe is able to see those who dwell in the spirit world, also he would be able to hear them as soon as he was able to see them.

Druid StaffEdit

A staff that is made from the mysterious evergreen oak, by drawing the ogham with the staff will draw out their power.


  • Birch Whip: By drawing the character "B", the staff turns into a whip, which Joe can use to attack his opponent or to garb and throw them.
  • Raging Flame: By drawing the character "L", the staff's head turns into the shape of a dragon and fires a ball of fire that can incinerate the opponent in one shot.
  • Holy Grove: By drawing the character "KH" and placing the staff on the ground, he creates a barrier that sends all attacks back the way they came from.
  • Fire Storm: A team attack in which Seth and Joe combine Anam Ghairm and Raging Flame into a flaming tornado, whilst Arago jumps through its center and launches his Gauntlet attack. Used during their fight with The Red Horseman.
  • Iron Meteorite: By drawing the character "T", the staff rapidly extends, smashing into it's target with enough force to send them flying or break bones.


"Things like demons don't actually exist.There are only humans who act like demons."