Hugh Weissman is one of the Four Horsemen who follow Patchman. Hugh is the White Horseman, who symbolizes conquest, and is first seen looking for Lia Fáil in chapter 48.

He was later killed by Seth in chapter 71, after a battle which destroy many parts of London as well as Seth's body.


Hugh is a tall man with white hair and black stripe tattooed on the right side of his face,starting from his forehead and reaching down to the bottom of his cheek. Hugh wears a white jacket over a black turtle neck sweater, and white pants. While using his seed's power, he has a white mark resembling a monocle on his right eye.


Hugh is a very calm man. He is very cruel and purposeful and very determined to complete his mission. He's not afraid to kill people for his cause or to torture them to get information. Hugh is very intelligent and a good strategist. He was able to read Seth's movements during their battle, to analyze his abilities and to come up with a counterattack only in a few seconds.


Hugh first showed up in a white cloak in front of Patchman, and was told to find the last two of Erin's Treasures. He made a full appearence in chapter 48 where he wanted to ask the professor some questions about Lia Fáil. The professor didnt answered and shutted the door on him. He breaks in and tortures the proffesor until he gets the answers which wanted to hear. The professor was hospitalised after the incident.

After his chat with the professor, he confrons Seth. Their battle takes place on London's streets where Seth appears to have the upper hand. But Hugh figures out that Seth all of abilities are long-ranged. He then launches himself towards Seth. After he breaks through Seth's barrier, he launches him into a nearby river.

Hugh is then seen searching for Lia Fail. He asks fairies about it and if they don't have any information about the Coronation Stone he kills them without batting. After his last victim tells him who stole the coronation stone, he sets out to find a goblin named My Fair Lady. He was able to find her before Arago. She didn't tell him where the stone is, so he takes extreme measures. Hugh launches a pipe in her throat, which lets him to hear the thoughts of the goblin. After he gets the necessary informations he kills her, so she would not tell Arago and his friends where the stone is.

Hugh then goes to London Bridge, where he meets Lucian. Just as they were digging up Lia Fail, which was buried inside the bridge, they had to fight Arago and Seth.Hugh fights Arago and appears to be outmatched by the power of Brionac. Hugh thens throws a car into the river, and as the water drops are in the air, Hugh accelerates and launches them all at Arago. But Arago catches the waterdrops forming a large water sphere of them and sends it back at Hugh. He falls into the river. Hugh then comes back holding a boat in his hands. There was a person on the boat, but he throws it. While Arago was stopping the flying boat, Hugh and Lucian escaped with Lia Fail. He later appears in a sewer that is the entrance way to the four seals of the cauldron.


Many years prior to the series, Hugh was once a solider that had a strong bond with three other soldiers that were killed in a friendly fire by one of their own jet pilots.

The court had decided that the pilot was not guilty. Hugh was later confronted by the pilot; who was also the son of a high ranking military officer.

The pilot basically stated that it didn't matter that they were killed as "he was the one the army chose and that he should trust their decision." The pilot is then killed by Patchman with him stating "If the strong really do trample on the weak , then you just need to be stronger than them. Surpass everything!! You have the necessary qualities". By this time, he obtained the seed's power.


Hugh is a sniper and holds the Seed of the Invincible Bow, which makes him able to accelerate any object turning them into projectiles. The longer the distance travelled by the projectiles is, the faster they get. Hugh doesn't need to touch the object to launch it but the object has to be in the air to be thrown. In the case of humans he must touch them to send them flying. He is able to accelerate his own body, which makes him possible to dodge high speed attacks.

His control over acceleration fits perfectly for his role; a horseman who symbolizes conquest as he can easily 'rule' over his opponent in a matter of seconds, giving them absolutely no time to react.


  • Truth Arrow: Hugh launches a pipe into the victims throat, and he's able to hear whatever the victim thinks through the pipe.
  • Billion Darts: Hugh accelerates waterdrops launching them all towards his target, piercing the target's body with them.
  • Launch : As the name states Hugh uses his power to launch objects at his enemies.
  • Impact: Usually accompanied after launch he uses his power to avoid his opponents by moving accelerating backwards.