Galley Beggar

The Galley Beggar is the first monster that Arago encountered. After being defeated by Arago and going through a few events together, he sees Arago as his master and faithfully serves him. He mainly serves as the comic relief of the manga; mostly centering his perverted nature.


He is a ghost surround by a glittering light and appears like a skeleton wearing clothes. Beggar also has a tail.

After his body is destroyed, he remains as a floating skull and retains his powers of invisibility to normal humans. He can't be seen by ordinary people and can't be hit with physical attacks.


The full extent of his abilities are not yet known, but so far he has displayed telekinesis, possession, the ability to phase through objects, and is invisible to anyone without a 'seed' or psychic gifts. Although mainly serving as a comic relief, Beggar plays his part in giving Arago crucial information about the supernatural world (though his information is seconded only by Joe).


He first makes his appearance as a ghost causing trouble in London. Arago defeats him, which evolves into Beggar stalking Arago until Arago confronts him. Ever since, he has "served" Arago loyally, going as far as to be bait a for a distraction in a fight.


  • Being a natural underling, Beggar is (physically and mentally) attracted to the strongest person, but remains loyal to Arago (or so he claims; but seeing how he actually stays with Arago even after meeting the 'stronger' Patchman, this may be true).

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